First Review! Lineage II Elf

Well for my first review, I decided to go for my latest figure, The Lineage II Elf. When I saw the prototype for this figure I was blown away at how amazing it looked, however upon reading information on the creators, a lot of people were wary of purchasing her because often Orchid Seeds prototypes are far higher quality than the actual product. In a risky move I decided to pre-order her anyway, coming in at £90. This figure has now been released.

This is the photo of my actual figure. As you can tell, she is not as perfected as the prototype. Even so, I expected low quality, but I was pleasantly surprised when she finally arrived. The detailing in her face is excellent, the painting for her lips was very slightly inaccurate, but overall I was very pleased.

This figure can be taken apart and re-assembled so that you may display her with or without her skirt and jacket. As you can see I display her without the jacket, but with the skirt, but that’s just my personal preference. Taking her apart was quite tricky, her arms, head and chest all come apart. This positive thing is that when she is reassembled, the locations where she is separated are hardly noticeable.

The problem I had with this figure was the stand. The stand itself is quite nice, however even now I have trouble getting her to fit onto it, its as if it was faulty. Like most figures she has holes in her feet where the stand fits, however i felt those holes were too small, and spaced too far apart for the figure. I cannot seem to get the nooks from the stand to fit all the way into the feet, which means she is a little unbalanced and comes away from the stand quite easily.

As you can see I have also displayed my figure with her “Staff”. she comes with an optional sword, which I really didn’t see the point in as it does not fit so well with the character, just because the staff is of matching colours where the sword is not. It was also very difficult to fit the staff into her hand, and actually the staff is VERY sharp!

overall score: 9/10
Please comment and let me know your thoughts on this figure if you have it! Any questions will be answered also :3
Click here to pre-order the “pink” ver Lineage Elf.

Click her eto buy the Lineage Elf Original.

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