Misaka Mikoto Swimsuit Ver.

I myself have never watched the anime Misaka Mikoto is from, but i know it is very popular. There are many figures of Misaka floating around but none of them have really caught my eye before this one from Kotobukiya. However, this figure holds the status all us collections hate: EXCLUSIVE. This figure is exclusive to orders from a Japanese magazine called Dengeki through mail-order. I don’t live in japan, so my only option was to order her from eBay, which i did. The problem with eBaying exclusive figures is the price will have shot up to two or three times higher than the original. Misaka came in at around $120.

The first thing that attracted me to this figure was her cute frilly bikini accompanied by girly polka dots. There is a second version of this figure in a tight blue tankini though personally i feel that this one is far sweeter. Misaka herself is very tiny, with the figure being only a 1/8 scale without a stand or being overly detailed. Overall she is very simple, however i find this to be her appeal as her subtle detailing can be appreciated more this way. As far as assembly goes there was none required apart from setting her onto her frog which balances her.

The facial expression on this figure is very sweet, I can’t really comment on whether it is true to the character or not because i’m not really sure. Either way, I love her slight smile dressed with a slight pink blush on her cheeks. She almost looks as if someone is about to take her photo. Despite being so small the figure is obviously very detailed and the paint has been done very well as i can find no smudges or imperfections on this cutie.

Overall I find the only negative point of this figure is her small size, however i feel this is made up for with the high quality of detail and painting.

Overall score: 8.3/10