Dynasty Warriors 4 mini-figures Da Qiao & Xiao Qiao

A cute little one this time. I bought these figures so long ago I can’t quite rember, it was back when i started collecting figures and would settle for even small ones. These days though I rarely buy mini-figures, and have my old ones packed away somewhere, but even now I am a religious fan od Da Qiao. Though her Dynasty Warriors 4 costume is not really my favourite, I couldnt resisit buying a figure of her even if it was tiny, and ofcourse you can’t have one without the other! Well actually Da Qiao and Xiao Qiao can only be bought in a set, but I would have bought them both anyway. xD

Arent they a couple of cuties? These figures come packed in the same small box, accompained by a trading card which features both of the young Qiaos. They are posed in the same way as their original CG artwork from this game. Both of Da Qiaos fans and detachable while as the rest of her body is not, however in Xiao Qiaos case both of her fans,the bow located at the back of her obi, and both of her arms come apart.

Taking into concideration that this is a very very small figure, the detailing on the outfit and face is really impressive. Infact, if you compare a bootleg version of a figure of a larger scale, you can see that even the paint job on Da Qiao is much better. The most impressive part of the figure is the beautiful paint-job and the smoothness of her fans.

And now for the little Qiao. The only problem I had with this little one is the fact that she is actually quite difficult to put together believeit or not. I did find howevere that once she is put together she is pretty sturdy and won’t fall apart. The colouring is true to the character, vibrant and eye-catching. Similar to the Da Qiao version the fans are highly impressive in detail as is her clothing.

At the end of the day these figures are only for avid fans of either of the characters or the games which they are from, I doubt a figure collector would find much joy in purchasing these….unless ofcourse your target collection is mini-figures. I myself would pay an unending amount of money for a high wuality large scale version of these ladies!

Overall rating: 7/10


What’s to come? :3

Hey guys! Unfortunately I have no access to a camera at the moment so I am unable to take any pictures of my figures and therefore cannot review them. Instead I thought I’d create a post letting you all know what to expect from us. Keep checking in and you will see these reviews appearing over the coming weeks and months! 😀

  • Final Fantasy VII Play arts Tifa
  • Final Fantasy VII Play arts Yuffie
  • Final Fantasy VII Play arts Aerith
  • Final Fantasy X Kotobukiya Yuna
  • Ah! My Goddess Kotobukiya Belldandy – “Everybody has wings”
  • Rosario + Vampire Good Smile Moka Akashiya
  • Dynasty Warriors 4 mini-figures (Diao Chan, Da Qiao, Xiao Qiao)
  • Dynasty Warriors 3 mini figure (Zhen Ji)
  • More to add when the time comes! :3

& here is a list of the figures I am considering buying in the future. If anyone has already got them and either recommends, or does not recommend them please leave a comment explaining why! Thanks 😀

  • Good smile Hatsune Miku Natural frame “World is mine”  I just bought this figure and it has been shipped to me! ❤
  • Yuki Nagato Gothic Lolita ver. Griffon
  • Shunya Yashimata Enka Oudo Dao Shogun Hattori Kiriko

p.s guys don’t forget to check for updates on the anime sale! There is a lovely rin kagamine cosplay for sale, perfect for Halloween!

Dynasty Warriors 6 Chibi figurines (Diao Chan & Zhang Liao)

After Dynasty Warriors 6 was released, chibi figurines of a few select characters were also released in two volumes. For those who live in the U.K they were offered as a pre-order bonus on GAME.co.uk of Dynasty Warriors strikeforce (PSP). Zhang Liao was part of Vol 1. and I got him for free when I pre-ordered the game, Diao Chan is part of Vol.2 and I bought her for about £10 on Ebay.

These chibi figures are very small, so unless there is chibi of your favourite a character then there’s not much point in getting one. They are very cute, epically ones of pretty tough looking warriors! They are squeee worthy! The detail put into the figures is actually really good considering their small size! Diao Chan  particularly very bright and colourful, so if she is one of your top characters, at such a cheap price then I recommend buying it.

Isn’t he cute?! (Sorry about the rather crooked image, just my bad photography skills!)  I am most impressed by the detailing on his armour! Being so small I would have guessed he would be simply painted grey, but in fact all the indentations are present. His expression is also very nice, just the mix of him looking so tough and angry on a chibi figure is really appealing!

Overall score: 6/10

The reason I have scored them quite low is basically just because of their size. I would LOVE a large scale figure of a Dynasty Warriors girl, maybe next time though! If you love the games and the characters, since they’re so cheap just get one! 😀

p.s I will be getting the Chibi Kunoichi Figure from Samurai Warriors 3.

Koihime Musou: Karin (Sou Sou) 1/8 scale

I recently starting watching the anime Koihime musou, as far as I am aware it was originally a hentai novel? I’m not really into that sort of thing anyway, but the anime is still . . . borderline hentai!  My reason for watching was the fact that I am a long time Dynasty Warriors fan, and all the characters in this anime are based of a lot of warriors from ancient china who are also featured in DW. The catch is in Koihime Musou they are all girls! I loved watching and trying to guess who is who! When I first saw Karin I knew she was Cao Cao, didn’t like her much at first but she grew on me as I continued to watch.

When i saw this figure it was very near the release date so I decided to pre-order it! When she arrived she looked quite different from the prototype which is shown, the most obvious difference was the face that her lips are painted a bright red colour. I found this quite strange considering she does not wear lip stick in the anime, or the novel, nor is it shown on the prototype! It really puts a downer on such a nice figure.

Apart from the lipstick flaw, nothing else seems to post any problems with me. Her proportions are very good, her face and clothes are very well detailed and painted. Her head is a little big and her face is a little flat, but that usually comes with the territory when buying a figures strictly from an anime. Her stand fitted perfectly, which is rare! usually stand can be quite fiddly and sometimes don’t even fit correctly. The weapon slipped easily into her hand and is very secure.

I knew full well when I was buying the figure that you had the options to display her with her boobs out! Personally I have no problem with figures displaying nudity as long as I have the option to cover them up, so it didn’t bother me. When putting on her breastplate, there is nothing to fasten it in, which I presumed would be a problem as I thought it would be falling off all the time. I have experienced it falling off a couple times, but not often! On the contrary it seems to hold up quite well, which is a plus for me!

Let me know if you have any questions about this figure. :]

Score: 6.5/10It seems like a low score yes, but she’s just not my favourite figure, she is lovely and defiantly a must for any big Koihime Musou fans!