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Hi guys. I have recently signed-up to Play-Asias affalite program. Play-Asia is a easy relable place to buy and pre-order your figures from, nto to mention it also has a high number of other products you may be intrested in such as Video games and anime dvds. I am going to provide links to any figures you can buy on Play-Asia under the review of that figure soon enough. Please Visit thanks 🙂


Please let me kniow if you have found any broken links related to this. Thank you.


I’m sorry for the lack of figure review updates!

If i’m totally honest i’ve been addicted to a game and it has been taking up a lot of my time…but i’m getting bored of it now.

The good news is I have the Lingeage II dwarf figure on it’s way to me! I am looking forward to reviewing and taking some nice pictures of her. Here is the ptototype, i’m excited to see how she REALLY looks:

I have also taken aliking to taking photos of my figures, but also using photoshop to make those photos as beautiful as possible.I will try to pick out the nicest ones and post them for you all to see.

Thank you all for visiting and commenting ❤


I am waiting on a new USB cable arriving in the post for my camera! It is soo irritating because I can’t really review (& therefore update) my figures without it. I’m sorry to any who are following my blog, and don;t worry I have not abandoned it just yet! When my cable arrives I will update straight away, I was thinking along the lines of my 1/6 Yuna or Belldandy. 😀
So please keep checking in! I’m sure it wont be long now!

I have put the Rin Kagamine cosplay on sale at eBay so please check if your interested!

P.S guys I got my Hatsune Miku world is mine figure today! <33